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Stand pedal system:
Applications of the system in the tunnel car wash and rinse completely pedal cars and car tire is designed.
Two case studies are presented to the system and the high pressure water must be.

The washer system:
This system is designed to wash the underbody chassis car with water pressure of 200 bar, can be used to gate systems, tunnels, bus wash, wash trains used.
And the underside of the car Baab high pressure wash thoroughly.

AMBER up below:
The following types AMBER rubber washing system in less than 15 seconds, rinse and dry
The following types of carpeting also instrumental in less than 50 seconds, rinsed and dry.

Drying system:
Drying system with two fixed dryer and dryer are available robotic.Which is available on all products. Kidneys desired levels to extremely dry.

System carpet show:
The types of rugs and carpets and wash and dry ... in less time and with less energy consumption and payback period of 6 months are available. 

High pressure washing system (jet):
Tire wash system:
Wash twice for passenger vehicles and construction Gryddh designed for urban construction sites to prevent silt transport into the city has been designed.

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