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  • Two main models Aires and Pegasus (the difference in the arms of the brush vertically)
  • A system controller SEMENS
  • Automatic and adjustable spray water and detergent
  • Record the number of daily weekly and monthly cleaning
  • Set the brush pressure into digital
  • Drives MOTOGEN Tabriz
  • An early warning system
  • A display panel (panel psyche)
  • Product brushes FAVAGROSSA Italy (custom)
  • Application:
  • Possible short and long chassis car wash
  • Suitable for small places: gas stations, residential, offices, etc. Abaraty


  • Tire wash system
  • Under Labeling System
  • Touch system Bnl
  • Water Jet System
  • Wax System
  • Bvlysh system
  • Drying Systems
  • The traffic light system




Technical Specifications

9 m

9 m

length of the system(Min)

4 m

4 m

Width of System

3.5 m

3.5 m

Height system

3 min

2.5 min

Time to wash

5 bar

5 bar

Water pressure

55 liter

45 liter

Water consumption per train

15 gr

15 gr

Use shampoo every train

3.9 kw

3.8 kw

Power consumption



Minimum number of brush

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