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Water Jet (High Pressure)


  • Galvanized structures
  • Minimum space required for installation
  • Stainless steel nozzles, high pressure resistant
  • Minimal wear and the need for maintenance
  • Wash speed control using the electronic system Vpnvmatyk
  • Construction and installation of adjustable parts


  • This system is widely used for car wash tunnel.
  • Manufacture of jet models for different parts of a car wash like Gylgyrha, the bumpers, tires, body level
  • Nozzles mounted on the ceiling went back and forth rotational movement of the body of the car with high pressure water supports.
  • Using proprietary propulsion nozzle needle to focus on the level of water pressure washing
  • Use a stainless steel needle nozzles resistance built up over time to prevent the aperture.
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